Travel 411

How are players selected to a travel team?
The new U9 and U10 teams are selected by a group of SSC’s professional trainers/evaluators, who observe players performing a variety of skill-based drills as well as participating in small and full-sided scrimmages during a two/three day period. All other teams are selected once a year (prior to Fall registration) by the respective team’s professional trainer and evaluator(s) chosen by the Club. Returning players are not guaranteed a spot on a team for the upcoming year. ALL players must tryout for the team.

How are the travel coaches selected?
A unique feature of SSC is that ALL travel teams are trained and game-coached by paid Professional Trainers. At minimum, all Professional Trainers must hold a "C" license or higher.

What is a Team Administrator?
Each team has a team liason known as a "Team Administrator," a volunteer parent. This person is required to secure a coach’s pass and to undergo a risk management background check. The team administrator is responsible for all team communications on behalf of the team and to provide schedules and game-to-game information to players’ parents. The team administrator is also responsible for all team finances.

How is playing time for each child determined?
For U9 & U10, playing time is more evenly distributed. The intent at this level is to develop the young soccer player’s technical skills, improve the understanding and build the ability of team play, and make the youth soccer experience enjoyable. At the U11 level and above, gameplay becomes more competitive. While SSC desires the U9 & U10 principles to carry forward, playing time will be more at the discretion of the professional trainer and is based upon each player’s "earning" time through hard work and level of skill demonstrated in training sessions and games.

What time commitment is involved?
Teams practice twice a week during the season. Each season lasts 8-10 weeks. Off season, during the Winter, teams train or participate in leagues, at the team’s discretion, a minimum of 8 days.  League and Cup games are played on Saturday or Sunday, depending on the age group, against teams throughout Nassau, Suffolk and NYC. Teams usually enter three tournaments thoughout the year.  These tournaments are often held on holiday weekends and commonly 2 or 3 days. Preseason practices may begin as early as July (if your child is available). Commitment to a travel team means players agree to regularly attend training sessions, games, tournaments etc..

What ’financial’ commitment is involved?
Unlike most youth soccer organizations, SSC’s philosophy is that travel team players deserve to be trained and coached by Professional Licensed Trainers.  All of SSC’s Travel teams have this.  It’s true that some other Clubs have lower Travel expenses, however, SSC prides itself on having excellence in its training and game coaching.