U7 & U8 Developmental Program

Syosset U7 & U8 Developmental Program

Welcome to Syosset Soccer Club’s (SSC's) U7 & U8 Travel Development Program. The Developmental Program is designed to focus on the development of young players on and off the field.

PHILOSOPHYThe goal of SSC's Developmental Program is to create an environment where all participants gain a positive soccer experience in preparation for our more comprehensive Travel Program.  The curriculum will focus on the player's comfort level with the ball and learning to work cooperatively with his or her peers, while introducing additional game-like conditions and situations.  Players must therefore be in an environment that is fun and creative providing each with the necessary opportunities each week.  One of the key components to this overall goal is to have the entire age group train and play its games as a pool each week in order to provide consistency with the teaching of the game for all.  Players will be rotated through a series of roster moves each week to provide equal opportunities.
Each pool will be assigned a Lead Professional Trainer who will facilitate all age group decisions including the week-to-week roster assignments, development of training sessions and communication with the parents.

The Developmental Program is a comprehensive ten (10) month program that includes:

  • Training:
    • Two (2) times a week / duration 75 minutes each session during the Fall and Spring seasons.
    • Ten (10) indoor sessions (one (1) time a week) during the winter months / duration 60 minutes each session.
  • Weekend games during the Fall and Spring seasons:
    • The pools will play games in the Just Say Soccer League (JSS).  
    • Participation in this League requires registration and player pass information.
    • Players will be rotated into different groups each week in a balanced approach to provide opportunities for players to all play with each other.
    • The games will be played in accordance with US Federation format for this age (4 v 4).
  • Tournaments:
    • Participation in two (2) local tournaments.

Each pool will be assigned a Parent Administrator who will be responsible for:

  • Collection of birth certificates and passport pictures in August to prepare for our JSS passes.
  • Preparation of JSS Player Roster and Coaches Roster for submission to JSS in August.
  • Printing, preparing, and laminating of all Player and Coaches Passes.
  • Consistent communication to parents of ongoing events including weekly rosters.
  • Preparation of Game Day Roster Template and matching set of Player Passes for each game, each week.
  • Submission of online registrations for all tournaments chosen for the Fall and Spring seasons.
  • Completion of paperwork for, and attendance at, tournament registration nights in person, as scheduled, usually week of the tournament.
  • Maintaining positive parent involvement on the sidelines and reporting issues of poor behavior, if any, to the SSC Competition Committee.
  • Providing feedback to the Lead Professional Trainer periodically to allow for any potential adjustments in training plans.
  • Meeting/reporting back to the SSC Competition Committee regarding progress at end of each season.

Parent/Guardian Conduct:

  • Parents are expected to conduct themselves with class and dignity when attending games.  Parents are asked to be positive, giving words of encouragement rather than criticism or instruction.
  • Parents are not to “coach from the sidelines”, address referees, any player or coach in any negative way.
  • The Coach, Administrator or Referee may require the removal of a parent who causes a disruption.  Failure to leave without incident will result in disciplinary action.
  • Parents are allowed only on the parent sideline during the game and half time.

Player Conduct:

  • It will be expected that each player respect every facet of the game: coaches, teammates, officials, and their opponents, on and off the field.
  • Retaliation to opponents, teammates or referees verbally or physically will not be tolerated.

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