OPT-IN TO "EasyAlert" NOW
Field Changes, Closures, Delays & More

Directions To Opt-In:

1- Text "NEW" to 698326 from your mobile phone device(s). (Note: This must be done from each device you wish to opt-in for).
2- Once you receive a confirmation code, click this link "Sports Signup" and log in to your family account.
3- When you see your mobile phone number(s) click the "enable texting" link
4- Enter confirmation code where it says: "Please enter confirmation code here"
5- Read "Terms of Service"
6- Click "Save".  Repeat for additional mobile phone devices, if any.
Note: If, when you log in to your account, there are no mobile phone numbers shown, you must add the number(s) by doing the following:
i- Click on the "Account Settings" link
ii- Under "Account Information" click "Edit"
iii- Under "Additional Infomation" enter your desired phone number(s)
iv- Click "Save"
v- Under "Account Options" click on "Mobile Phone Settings"
vi- Continue from Step "3" above